Window Cleaning Sheffield

Window Cleaning Services in Oughtibridge, Stannington, Waverley Estate, and Nether Edge, Hillsborough and Walkley in Sheffield. 

Nothing like sparkling clean windows to brighten up your property inside and out!

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Cleaning Window Exteriors

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Grimy windows affect not just the external appearance of your home but also the interiors. 

They can reduce how much natural light filters in and make a room feel drab and gloomy. 

More sunlight will make it feel more cheerful and even appear more spacious!

Not to mention the dirt and growth on the windows and its seals that may be impacting air quality in your home.

So don’t neglect getting the windows regularly cleaned and get professional window cleaners to do the job!

Pure Water Reach and Wash System

At Keen to Kleen, we use the latest purified water reach and clean systems to clean your windows. It includes:

  • telescopic poles that allow us to reach higher without need of ladders
  • specially designed brushes that do not scratch the glass or frames, and
  • purified or deionised water which is free from minerals and other particles that may leave a residue on the glass.


The purified water actually helps speed up the cleaning process as it absorbs dirt like a magnet, and after some brushing, the dirty water can be washed off. 


Window Cleaning Sheffield
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No need for detergent or any other chemicals.

When your windows dry, the purified water leaves a sparkling finish, no streaks or stains!

We also make sure all frames and sills are cleaned as a standard service. Dirt gets trapped in the corners and seals so we make sure to flush these out and remove stains as part of our window cleaning service.

Our pure water system is effective yet gentle enough to work well for other exterior cleans like solar panels and conservatory roofs. 

Window Cleaning Schedule

We do one-off cleans, but prefer to have you on our regular rounds. To prevent buildup of dirt on the windows, we suggest a 4 or 8-weekly cleaning. 

Get those windows crystal clear! Click below to get a quote. 

Our Service Areas

We serve Oughtibridge, Stannington, Waverley Estate, and Nether Edge, Hillsborough and Walkley in Sheffield